Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Adventures of George in a Year of Photos

George makes his first friends.

George draws back his bow.

George battles the bath.

George sends smiles and giggles to his Chicago peeps.

"George visits the island." "George patches in to Grandpa's motorcycle club." "George rues the day." "George remembers the Alamo." "George gets an education." George contemplates his first jump- mar 20 George goes to the movies- mar 25 George takes a break- mar 26 George supports the ba eagles- mar 30 George celebrates Easter- apr 8 George hangs with uncle Andy-apr 15 George strikes a pose- apr 16 George headbutts the camera- apr 18 George meets cousin sol- may 5 George goes to school- may 12 George gets behind the wheel- may 16 George steal grandmamas birthday cake-may 21 George takes his first yoga class- may 23 George conducts George goes undercover- June 6 George goes hunting- jun 17 George makes a discovery- June 29 George celebrates his independence- jul 4 George plots escape-jul 12 George expands to fill his space-July 16 George naps-jul 17 George hangs-jul 18 George meets jack- jul27 George takes flight-jul28 George experiences the flaming lips- jul 25 George rides bareback-aug 3 George goes shopping-aug 7 George charms the models at the Atlanta runway-aug 8 George meets his match- aug 8 George goes to the office-aug 17 George pleads the fifth-aug 18 George storms the castle-aug 28 George goes to market-aug 30 George ice skates-aug 31 George plays with th predators-aug 31 George gets tough-aug 27 George visits our nations capital-sep 2 George joins the clean plate club-sep 17 George grabs life by the horns-sep 17 George reinacts that scene from big- oct 27 George helps with the laundry-oct 3 George bundles up- oct 29 George dresses up- oct 31 George tries to fit in- oct 12 Georg hits the polls- nov 6 George snuggles up- nov 13 George parks it in the new world -nov 24 George gives thanks- nov 25 George brushes his tooth- dec 2 George meets Santa- dec 23 George packs for Christmas vacation- dec 251 George shovels the driveway- dec 26 George meets a snowman-dec 27 George window shops-dec 29 George takes a call George goes on a valentines date George reaches out- feb 12 George makes a scene- march 12